Apple Pie

My own recipe

I have decided not to take my Recipe for Apple Pie to the grave but to share it with you all. The secret is in the quantities, I used a lot more of this and that. And I put Rum in it.

My apple pie was chosen The Best Apple Pie Of The Netherlands and featured in a Bake Show with famous Dutch comedian André van Duin and the famous illusionist Hans Klok. If you want to see the episode of Doorbakken (Bake On) in which André van Duin and Hans Klok have a taste of my apple pie, click the link below (my turn at 16 minutes).

Doorbakken 24 April 2022 at Omroep Max on the NPO1 channel

This is my own original recipe for Apple Pie for 12 persons, I invented it myself. As I said I use different quantities than it says on the box otherwise it’ll be such a dinky little pie, at least that’s what I think. More is better.

First, you need a big tin, Ø 12 inch at least (Ø 30cm).


  • 1,5 – 2 kilo Apples (Golden Rennet)
  • 700 gram Self Rising Flour
  • 260 gram Real Butter
  • 200 gram White Caster Sugar
  • 100 gram Raisins
  • 100 gram Sultanas
  • 200 gram Cranberries
  • 100 gram Hazelnuts
  • 2 Eggs
  • 15 gram Vanilla flavoured sugar
  • Salt
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Stroh Rum 80%
  • Custard

How to make it

Peel the apples and cut them into little bits. Add 150 gram Caster Sugar to the apples along with 10 gram of the Vanilla Sugar and two teaspoons of Cinnamon.

Then you add Stroh Rum (just a little bit, a few drops here and there) and mix it thoroughly with the apples. Put the bowl with the apple away and cover it with a damp cloth.

Make the dough with the 700 gram of Plain Flour, 250 gram Real Butter, 50 gram of Caster Sugar and 5 gram of Vanilla Sugar and a pinch of Salt. Separate the white from 1 egg and put it away for later. Then add the yoke and another egg to the mixture.

Kneading the dough works best with a kitchen machine as the larger quantities used are very hard to mix by hand. If the dough is still sticky just add more Flour. Leave the dough for a while.

Grease the Tin with a little bit of Butter. Spread about three quarters of the dough at the bottom of the tin and the sides, about a quarter of an inch thick. Spread two large table spoons of Custard evenly on the bottom then add the apple bits.

Spread Raisins, Sultanas, Cranberries and Hazelnuts evenly over the apple mix. Sprinkle some Caster Sugar on top of it. Use the left over dough to cover the entire pie with strands or just cover it all if you have enough dough but you may want to make strands of the dough and divide them cross wise if you wish as it looks good when you have friends over. Use a soft brush to put the egg white on the top.

Preheat the oven 5 minutes to 175 degrees Celsius (a little bit hotter as you will loose some of the heat when you put the pie into the oven). Place the pie in the middle of the oven and bake it for about 1 hour and 20 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius (300 Fahrenheit in ‘old money’).


Download this recipe in PDF format: apple_pie.pdf

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