Some of my friends say I should be considering a career as a professional photographer, they’ve been saying it for years now. And when they say it they make me smile. The truth is I think it’s nice to go out in nature and take pictures of flowers, insects, mushrooms, birds or whatever attracts my attention and I thoroughly enjoy it but I also think that I will never be good enough when I compare my work to that of those who are already professionals.

And I am somewhat scared that if I choose to become a professional in this field I might not enjoy my pictures as I do now. They would be reduced to ‘bread on the table’.

Instead of becoming a professional photographer I am now a poet, albeit a poor one, and with the inspiration to write I go out to take that one picture that matches the poem I am writing then. I am honoured by the compliments I get for the pictures, but I would rather become a well known poet.

Because the pictures I take are always meant to create a smile on other people’s faces too, not just mine. And I would like to put bread on the table with my writing. Oh yes and maybe I have chosen the wrong path but in the mean time I am satisfied with the result.

With love, poems and pictures.