Addio La Multipla

It is possible to both love and hate something and our La Multipla was one of these things. A little less than five years ago we bought the car from a shady car flogger (the type of car sellers that rent a field, sell a lot of dodgy cars planted on it and then disappear).

But the moment I saw this car I fell in love with it. It is by far the most ugly car ever made they say but eccentric people like me tend to ignore the signals that should warn them and go for the less logical choices in life. And so we bought this car, three seats in the back, three seats in the front, huge windows and a lot of wind noise when exceeding the speed limits thus warning you to be a good girl. Yes, I chose this car but Christa had to drive the coach (cars of this type do not have a car body, they are considered modern motorised coaches). Had they been invented 200 years ago they would have been pulled by six horses and considered royal transport.

So far the ode to La Multipla because this is the point where everything positive about this car ends. As soon as we bought this car we regretted our decision immediately. When we arrived home there was already smoke coming out of the front. Our neighbour, a car mechanic, came running outside and asked us to open the bonnet so he could have a look. Aha!, he proclaimed, there were holes in the Manifold covered up with duct tape, oil was burning on the engine exterior. This was a bad thing. We decided to call the car seller the next day but his phone was dead. We went there to complain but he was gone, leaving an empty gazebo and a muddy grass field behind.

This part replaced we had a few months fun with our La Multipla (we decided as it was a somewhat stubborn Italian car it should be addressed as a female) but soon other problems came bubbling up to the surface. Brakes, wheel suspension, exhaust pipe, parts of the ignition, valves, sparks, brakes again, radiator, air conditioning, radiator again, silencer and other parts were replaced in the next years, doubling the price we paid for the car.

I loved the car even though it was scolded at, called names, sworn at, and kicked at by other members of the family. But I am sure that deep down in their hearts even they liked the car for it’s appearance, like an Ugly Fat Italian Lady with a Huge Ass.

And this week we are going to say goodbye to her. We finally gave up on her, she subdued to wear and tear, dents and defects and we yielded to objecting family members that refused to be seen in this car. So Addio La Multipla. I hope you get scrapped the minute we leave you, you stupid old woman! I loved you, I hated you.