A weekend with friends

Last weekend I was in England again after several years. I spent a few days in Cambridge with one of the bests friends I have. The weather was excellent throughout our stay and we had lovely meals in various restaurants. Cambridge, although expensive, is one of the most beautiful cities in England.

Almost the entire city center consists of buildings built over one hundred years and some of them are several hundred years old.

The first evening after we landed at Stansted we decided to have Chili Con Carne in a Tapas restaurant. I noticed a bottle of hot sauce and I thought, how bad can it be and I sprinkled it on my food. Ok, here is a warning: when the bottle says ‘hot sauce‘ it is really hot sauce and you do not put 20 drops of it on your food.

I like England, I love the food and the Bitters and Ales. After enjoying our meal, a good eyeballing and a large beer we walked through the streets and found a great pub called The Cambridge Brew House. They make their own range of Bitters and Ales and the taste is stunning!

Ale, Misty Wind at The Cambridge Brew House

Cambridge was beautiful, although I have been there many times it still makes a huge impression on me walking in the streets between numerous ancient buildings.

And Norwich is another city I just love. So many hours I spent there, walking in the centre with my friends 25 years ago and here I was, visiting again. This time we visited the Colman’s Mustard Museum too as well as the famous market Place and the Peter Mancroft Church.

Colman’s Mustard Shop & Museum

In the evening we also saw my good friends in Norfolk too. It was lovely to meet them, eat together and have a few beers. And it is good to realise I have great friends.

Sirloin Steak

We were in The Brick Kiln in Little Plumstead, a pub where I often spent the evening and enjoyed a pub meal with my friends when I was living in England, late eighties, early nineties. And to my surprise even after 25 years the Landlord remembered me, his mouth dropped open when I walked in. He shook hands with me five or six times saying “Legend. So good to see you again.”

The last day of our mini holiday we went to Ely to see the Ely Cathedral. At the entrance we asked permission to take photographs and as long as we promised not to use them commercially it was ok. I can’t show you these pictures yet as my own MacBook Pro is in repair but I promise to show them later here. So you must come back some time for that, promised. And I will certainly go back to England again. For the friendship, the food, the history we have together and much more. And that, my friends, is a promise too.