Yesterday it was the birthday of the love of my life, Christa. Strange to realise that I have known her half my life which is more than half of hers.

We celebrated the event together on Friday with diner in the city and we had our picture taken near the city gates, the Koppelpoort in Amersfoort in Swampyland. The name Koppelpoort consists of two parts, ‘Koppel’ which means ‘Couple’ in (colloquial) Dutch, Gate being the second part. Gate for Couples in English.

Also this year we will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Hopefully this year will mark the end of the Corona pandemic so we can make it a real celebration. Last night we had a great birthday party with friends, some of them have been my friends since first grade elementary school.

We are all thankful we are still alive and it was the first time in over two years we were able to get together without the fear of attracting Covid. I look forward to the next 25 years with the love of my life. That part includes some of you as well.