The Polar Express

Recently I went to this model railway event where they sold scenery and model trains, that was a fortnight ago in the middle of Swampyland.

At one of the stalls they were selling tiny houses, trees and other things by the box for a bargain and I bought an entire storage box without looking inside for just £10,00 it so it was quite a surprise when I got home and opened it.

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Pizza, the quick and dirty

Can you make a Pizza Leon? Sure, no problem. Here it comes …

One layer of dough, spread Heinz Tomato Frito on top and sprinkle with Italian herbs and spices mix. Throw on lots of onion rings and sliced Mushrooms. Then the diced ham, red paprika, green paprika, lots of Pepperoni and Salami slices. Top it with grated Mozarella cheese, grated Parmesan cheese and a few slices of Gouda 30+ cheese. Bung it in a pre heated oven at 200 Celsius for about 20 minutes and bobs your uncle.

Model Railway Layout 2021


My friends since childhood know I have had a life long addiction to model trains and in the past I made several model railway layouts, albeit with mixed results.

Twice I had a nice landscape finished but on other occasions it didn’t turn out as I imagined it or it ended up unfinished due to lack of money, time and materials and I was too busy working, raising my children and loving my wife.

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Drink up time

Back in the days, 1989 that is, a pint would set me back one pound, later one pound and a tuppence. The Landlord in The Brick Kilns usually said, “Give us a nick and we call it quits.” as he knew he would get a tip later that evening when we ordered the last round or pay a 45p bag of crisps with a 50p coin.

On the wall in that pub, there was a pub clock like the one in this photograph that would tell us when to order that last round and at eleven o’clock straight after the eleventh chime, he shouted: “Ladies and gentlemen, drink up time!” and gave us half an hour to finish our pint.

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The Black Horse Inn

1. Arrival at the Black Horse Inn

It was 1826 and the wind was howling through the bare trees. I always liked October, I loved the smell of wetland and rotting leaves and all the changing colours but this time was different. It was nearly dark and bitter cold already and the rain and hail slammed my face so hard it hurt. It shouldn’t be long before Autumn was over and Winter would come now. I entered the inn and the door slammed shut behind me as the wind grabbed it and blew leaves inside. There were only a few guests in the room lit with a few oil lamps and candles and two candles were blown out instantly by the gust of wind.

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Since the unfortunate event at the beginning of May, I have been told to become active as soon as possible as well as to stay calm as much as possible and since I am restless by nature I tend to choose the first. But there is a chance to combine those two when I go out in the fields to relax.

Ever since I had a camera I have had a special interest in nature and now in the days of digital photography and smartphones, it is so easy to be able to catch everything that makes noise, has beautiful colours or flies around.

The past two days the weather has been nice but rather muggy and a little cloudy too, excellent conditions to go out with my camera as I can no longer be out in the sun for a long time without getting sunburnt due to the medication I have to take for my heart.

I am also not allowed to walk for too long so with a camera I can both move and relax at the same time, walking for a bit, stand still, aim, shoot, walk on etcetera.

Today was a treat as -besides I spotted a Reed Warbler- in the ditch next to the car park in the fields also a frog concert was taking place and I love to share it with you, here it is. Quite relaxing, isn’t it?

Back on track

If you knew everything that could happen beforehand, you could go around the world on a dime is what my grandmother used to say to me, it’s a Dutch saying.

In the run-up to my heart attack, my health tracker already indicated that my heart had to work way too hard for it, but I didn’t recognize the signals, I thought I was just a very busy man (May 2 and 3).

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Getting stronger

Six weeks after my heart attack, check up time. This morning I woke up a little more excited than in the past weeks, today I had several appointments in hospital for the first check up on my heart.

At breakfast, I read the instructions for the appointment which told me I had to take the boxes of the medication I had taken in the past weeks, one of each and also the list they had given me at discharge from hospital days after I had it.

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I have two best friends, we have been friends all our lives and often spent time together. We even went on holidays together sometimes, on our pushbikes or by car.

On one of these occasions we decided to venture into grounds where we were not supposed to go, we were trespassing. This adventure stayed with us all the rest of our lives as a great memory and anecdote, we often talked about it at birthday parties or the occasional reunion. Until now, we now have the pictures too.

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Beats per minute


So, this is a sensitive subject for me and I’ve been thinking for quite some time this morning if I should write about this or not. But I decided I should do it regardless the expected criticism of some people as it could be a benefit to other men dealing with the same issue.

The fact is, all men wonder after they’ve had a heart attack if and when it is the right time to have sex again and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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