The World Lock Down of 2020

My great great grandfather was a poet and writer during the World Lock Down of 2020 when a Corona pandemic took place. He wrote poetry in Dutch and English and stories about his life when he was a bit older.

They wrote history too in those days of The World Lock Down of 2020 when they were ordered to stay indoors for up to six months and stay well clear of each other in public places in every country in the world. In those days the global Corona crisis took its millions and people were mourning their beloved family members that died all over the world because of this highly contagious virus that originated from China.

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In my own words.

It is very difficult to explain the feeling of intense fear of death to others when you are right in the middle of this Corona crisis and left with virtually no protection against the virus.

Having no functioning immune system has been manageable over the last 10 years until now but even the regular infusions of Nanogam will not protect me against the powerful pathogene that is slowly creeping towards me according to the numbers and locations in the news.

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California Beach Bum

It was a hot day
At the beach
With all my friends
Bums, each
One got his hands on
This mighty spliff
And he asked me
To take a whiff
But the moment
I toked it up
Cops came busting
And made me stop
This is the story
Of my fate
That when I want it
It is too late
Always the same
Oh I am so lame