Piggy Slapping

We have a saying in Swampyland: “Just grown out of my shorts” which means “Coming of age”. When I was a youngster at the age of twelve, thirteen or fourteen we used to have annual events, Harvest Fests, in the area where I grew up.

Fairs for farmers usually with a parkour set with hay bales and lawn mower races and always with a band on a hay wagon playing Dutch folkore songs, lots of tractors out there on the parking lot.

There was often a fenced off square of mud and a piglet was set loose there which you had to chase and slap it on the back, it was called Piggy Slapping. It was as always the highlight of the event for me and my mates, we were clumsy clogs and usually fell over face forward in the mud but we always wore our blue overalls so it wasn’t so bad as long as we hosed ourselves off outside before taking them off at home.

We had loads of fun then, secretly drinking a beer whilst underaged but lots of fun nonetheless. The piglet slapping and underaged drinking have since then been banned don’t worry.

Infusion Friday

Today is Infusion Friday again as most of you know already. But for my new friends and rediscovered old friends, every three weeks I get this infusion with Nanogam to add what is missing to my blood. You see, there’s no soldiers in it and no officers to tell them what to do. On top of that I am intolerant for most antibiotics. I am not complaining, I am just sitting here waiting until it’s over. It’s been like that for the past 13 years now.

Actually I am quite enjoying myself in my lazy chair reading messages on Facebook and Twitter and playing my vinyl records. My latest acquisition is Miracle by Third day, do you know them? They were an American Christian rock band. And I had my favourite for Lunch, white rolls with salted herrings.

So what’s going on in that big wide world? Where do you live? What is the work you are doing? Do you have children? What does your house look like? Is God in your life too? Did He save you like He saved me? Tell me please. I would like to know. Where ever you live, God bless you.


The art of Slow Motion Breaststroke Swimming

I am a very keen Slow Motion Breaststroke Swimmer in Holiday Season times.

People have been asking me on several occasions in the recent past, “How do you do it Leendert, just how do you master the art of Slow Motion Breaststroke Swimming?”

And I will then have to say, “I don’t know really, it is a gift. Something that comes naturally.” But then I would be lying of course, the art of Slow Motion Breaststroke Swimming is a matter of practice and you can do it too if you like and make the effort.

Olympic Gold Medal Winner Slow Motion Breaststroke Swimming

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Sneakers of the past

When I was 16 years old these Adidas Sneakers were the bomb, you were virtually non existent at school without shoes like these. But, that was in the eighties of the last century, that’s how old I am.

I wore my pair then til the last thread and the soles were gone. Today we went shopping for shoes and I noticed Adidas had the collection of the eighties reproduced some time ago as Adidas Originals Continental 80 Stripes Series and except for this little red line added to the design they are exactly as they were then. Sold out in most sizes the shop manager told me as they were popular.

Pity they didn’t have my size in the shop so once I got home I immediately ordered the last pair available online, can’t wait until they arrive. Sold to the once young man but now without hair.



Sunflower oil, wheat flour and other food is rationed in the super markets since this war begun. Mister Владимир Путин is responsible for that.

Personally, I do worry about the rise in costs of living, 11.5% in two months according to the news papers this morning. But paying more for food and not being able to buy more than allowed is not what keeps me awake at night, it’s the death of thousands of people that used to work the land in Ukraine to make us able to buy all these things at a fair price. God, please help a country in despair, make Putin stop.

Model Railway Layout 2022


My friends since childhood know I have had a life long addiction to model trains and in the past I made several model railway layouts, albeit with mixed results.

Twice I had a nice landscape finished but on other occasions it didn’t turn out as I imagined it or it ended up unfinished due to lack of money, time and materials and I was too busy working, raising my children and loving my wife.

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Apple Pie

My own recipe

I have decided not to take my Recipe for Apple Pie to the grave but to share it with you all. The secret is in the quantities, I used a lot more of this and that. And I put Rum in it.

My apple pie was chosen The Best Apple Pie Of The Netherlands and featured in a Bake Show with famous Dutch comedian André van Duin and the famous illusionist Hans Klok. If you want to see the episode of Doorbakken (Bake On) in which André van Duin and Hans Klok have a taste of my apple pie, click the link below (my turn at 16 minutes).

Doorbakken 24 April 2022 at Omroep Max on the NPO1 channel

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This means war!

I often listen to Petra, an American christian rock group from the last century and I like most of their songs. I even have a double album on vinyl that I play occasionally.

One of the songs on that record is This means war! and it’s basically a song about the fight between good and bad. And especially now when there’s a real war this song has more meaning to me than before. Vladimir Putin is attacking its neighbour country and killing civilians. He calls it a special military operation but the whole world knows better: Это означает войну!

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Yesterday it was the birthday of the love of my life, Christa. Strange to realise that I have known her half my life which is more than half of hers.

We celebrated the event together on Friday with diner in the city and we had our picture taken near the city gates, the Koppelpoort in Amersfoort in Swampyland. The name Koppelpoort consists of two parts, ‘Koppel’ which means ‘Couple’ in (colloquial) Dutch, Gate being the second part. Gate for Couples in English.

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